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The information available here was provided by LRI Invest S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “FundRock LRI”) and prepared solely as (advance) information about the product shown. This is not a sales document and does not constitute sales, investment, legal or tax advice. Furthermore, it is neither an offer nor a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell certain products. We have made every effort to carefully research and process all information.

All actual information, information and statements made are based on sources that we believe to be reliable. However, neither completeness, timeliness nor accuracy of the representation can be guaranteed in any way. Information may prove to be no longer valid due to the passage of time and / or as a result of legal, political, economic or other changes.

We undertake no obligation to notify you of such changes and / or automatically adjust this document. A decision to purchase a product should necessarily be based on the legal sales documentation relating to the fund (current Prospectus / Current Issue Document, the "Key Investor Information", the most recent annual report) and taking into account all risk warnings (in particular total loss allowance) as well as previous legal, tax and investment advice. The legal sales documents can be requested free of charge at FundRock LRI (9A, rue Gabriel Lippmann, 5365 Munsbach, Luxembourg;

Copying, reprinting or otherwise reproducing the contents or parts of this information is only permitted with our prior written consent.

General Information

Anyone who retrieves information from the website of FundRock LRI (“FundRock LRI Website”), hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions. Any special provisions with regard to individual services and/or products offered by FundRock LRI shall apply in addition to these terms and conditions. In cases of inconsistency such special provisions shall prevail.

Non-binding information

The information published on the FundRock LRI Website does not constitute a recommendation, offer or request to purchase or sell any investment instrument, to transact any business or to enter into any legal transaction. The content of this website is intended for informative purposes only and does not constitute a business relationship. In particular, the information provided does not constitute legal or investment advice. Solely the individual prospectuses, which are available in electronic form, are legally authoritative. You should not make a decision about a purchase until you have seen the complete documents and

Local statutory restrictions

The dissemination of the information contained on the FundRock LRI website and the offering of investment units is not permitted in many countries, unless the management company of the Fund has filed a complaint with the local supervisory authorities or has obtained a license from the local supervisory authorities.

Insofar as a corresponding notification / approval is not available, the following statements and information are not to be understood as an offer to acquire investment units. If necessary, contact a local distributor.

The FundRock LRI website is not intended for persons who are subject to a jurisdiction that prohibits access to the FundRock LRI website (due to the nationality of the person, their place of residence or for other reasons). Persons to whom such restrictions apply are prohibited from accessing the FundRock LRI website. This is especially true for the United States of America and the United Kingdom

Forward-looking statements

Please bear in mind that any forward-looking statements are merely forecasts and are subject to unexpected risks and uncertainties. They can therefore in no way be guaranteed. The value of investment products can rise or fall at any time. The future performance of investment products cannot be deduced by the indicated, historical development. As a result, good performance in the past is not a reliable indicator of positive value development in the future. FundRock LRI can therefore neither ensure nor guarantee the maintenance or increase of the value of the invested capital.

Notes on the calculation method for performance data of investment funds and investment companies

Basis for performance: unit value (subscription charges not taken into account); Distributions reinvested. The average annual performance is calculated by dividing the total gain per period, taking into account the compound interest effect, evenly across the years. Information on the development so far does not allow forecasts for the future.

Exclusion of Liability

FundRock LRI checks and updates the information and content on its website on a regular basis. However, it assumes no liability (and no third-party liability) for the correctness, reliability or completeness of the information provided. The information provided on this website as well as the legal notices may be changed at any time without prior notification. FundRock LRI therefore recommends accessing and reading this document regularly in order to be familiar with possible changes. As a result, information once published on this website should not be understood to mean that matters have remained the same since publication or since the regulatory authority was notified or that the information is still up-to-date following its publication. The validity of the information and recommendations is limited to the point in time of their being issued and may change based on market developments and their targets. The information and opinions contained in these documents come from reliable sources. However, FundRock LRI cannot give a guarantee of their accuracy.

FundRock LRI denies all liability for manipulations to the internet user’s EDP/IT system by unauthorised parties. FundRock LRI expressly points out the danger of viruses, so-called malware and spyware, and the possibility of targeted hacking attacks. The use of current browser versions as well as the installation of continuously updated anti-virus software is recommended for combating viruses. E-mails of unknown origin as well as e-mails with unexpected attachments should not be opened on principle.

Links to other websites

There is no guarantee of a faultless and/or uninterrupted functioning of the Website. FundRock LRI disclaims, without limitation, all liability for any loss or damage of any kind, including direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, losses or expenses which might be incurred through the use of, or access to the website and/or the written materials (or by any inaccuracy in or omission from such materials) prepared and/or provided by FundRock LRI even if FundRock LRI or representatives thereof are advised of the possibility of such damages, losses or expenses.

The links to other websites on this website serve solely to indicate information that may be helpful for the user. However, FundRock LRI emphasises expressly that it has no control or influence whatsoever over the design or content of the linked websites. The company assumes no express or implied guarantee or liability for the content of such websites, including their accuracy, completeness, reliability or suitability for certain purposes. It assumes no liability for the authenticity of the documents on the internet. Links to other websites should therefore not be understood as either a recommendation or assumption of liability with regard to the information, opinions, ideas, products or services presented on such websites or as a guarantee pertaining to the content of such websites.

Intellectual Property Rights

All images on the website, including text, photo’s, illustrations, graphs, logos, trade and services brands, are fully owned or under license of one or more companies and are protected by copyright, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights. The intellectual property right is never transferred or licensed to the (legal) entity that has access to the website. Unless specifically prohibited by a notice published on any part of the website, this information and materials may be displayed and printed but only exclusively for your personal, non-commercial use and provided that you do not remove any intellectual property right or other notices therein. All other use is strictly prohibited. The user of the website may not transmit, reproduce or sell this information and materials in whatever form and by whatever means without the express prior written consent of FundRock LRI. See Publication Details.


Any information or material sent to LRI through this Website will be handled in a manner consistent with legal and regulatory requirements.

Our privacy policy sets out the basis on which we will collect and process and protect your personal data in order to provide our services to you. Please see Data Protection.

Communication via Email

Since all information sent via e-mail over the Internet can potentially be viewed by third parties during the transmission and the authenticity and origin of e-mail messages cannot yet be determined beyond doubt, we ask for your understanding that we cannot accept mail issued orders and instructions for your own safety. For the same reason, you should not give us any confidential information in this way.

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The European Commission has launched a European dispute resolution platform (OS platform) online at Consumers may use this OS platform to resolve disputes arising from online contracts with companies based in the EU out of court.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

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