Our Risk, Valuation & Reporting specialists design effective and appropriate methods of identifying, measuring and monitoring the main risks that funds are or could be exposed to. Integral elements to those methods are monitoring compliance with risk limits, periodic comparisons (back testing) to check the reliability of the models used, and periodic stress testing to assess the risk arising from possible changes in the risk variables. 

Our services include:

  • Risk management  
  • Risk policy 
  • Assessment of market risks 
  • Assessment of liquidity risks 
  • Assessment of credit risks 
  • Assessment of counterparty risk 
  • Assessment of operational risk 
  • Back testing (validation of models) 
  • Stress testing (worst-case scenarios) 
  • Two-level risk limit systems 
  • Escalation procedures
  • Meaningful reports 
  • Preparation of all statutory reports 

Being part of Apex Group, our clients have access to the broadest range of industry solutions across the value chain from a single source.

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