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Investment and Fund Managers

After unprecedented regulatory transformations, the importance of a strong operational backbone, the provision of substance and infrastructure as well as the fulfilling of new requirements is more important than ever. Fund managers need to be able to concentrate on their core competencies such as asset management and fundraising, without having to direct valuable time on regulatory burdens and the oversight of outsourced activity.

If you want to access investors in the EU and abroad, bundle all of your assets into one flexible fund vehicle or streamline your management process – the Luxembourg fund toolbox has the right solution for you.

We support you in:

  • Launching a suitable regulated or unregulated investment structure including the set-up and management of investment funds and private structures for managed accounts
  • Identifying the right fund structure under close consideration of investment, regulatory and tax specific requirements
  • Bringing your offshore fund onshore by establishing a feeder/parallel vehicle to access EU investors
  • Providing substance and infrastructure as a fully regulated partner in Luxembourg
  • Fulfilling specific reporting requirements
  • Benefitting from an AIFM or UCITS Passport to market your strategy to EU investors and abroad
  • Capital raising activities through the provision of high quality, tailored product marketing and distribution services delivered by a specialist team who understand and respond quickly to your needs.

We have been working with big asset management firms as well as smaller investment boutiques from Europe and abroad for many years, helping them develop solutions for their specific challenges as they arise. We provide support throughout the lifecycle of each investment and ensure that our services are provided in the most effective and efficient manner.