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LRI Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments

Alternative investments offer creative scope and a high degree of individuality. Regardless whether you are interested in a fund of funds solution, a single fund and/or direct investments, LRI Invest S.A, LRI Invest Securitisation S.A. and the LRI network that has evolved over the past 25 years can provide AIFMD- compliant structures for investments in

  • commercial, residential and special-purpose real estate
  • private equity/shareholdings
  • projects with renewable energies
  • infrastructure projects and private-public partnerships (PPP)
  • structured credit products and other securitised assets
  • commodities*
  • hedge funds*

* LRI Invest Securitisation S.A.

LRI's experts will advise you in depth on the opportunities, risks and requirements for designing, setting up and managing a custom-tailored alternative investment fund. LRI Invest will plan and coordinate all steps in fund engineering and all legal and administrative requirements relating to the fund and investors. Our network of experts will answer all questions - including those you may not yet have considered.

Overview of LRI's services for alternative investments:

Further information on LRI Invest S.A.:

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