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Tailored Structuring Solutions since 1988

LRI Group is a leading independent investment services company based in Luxembourg. We provide asset managers and investors with three decades of experience in structuring and management of traditional and alternative investment strategies.

Our longstanding experience in structuring and implementing tailor-made solutions make us the ideal partner for asset managers, private equity firms and institutional investors like banks, family offices, insurance companies, and pension funds.

LRI Group offers a broad spectrum of structuring solutions that are ideally suited to the investment strategy and its economic goal. The concept also gives consideration to individual regulatory, tax and accounting factors.

Established in 1988, LRI Group has significant expertise in the structuring of tailored investment solutions, which is demonstrated by its:

  • Track record operating as a regulated UCITS Management Company (ManCo);
  • Track record operating as authorised Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM);
  • Significant experience in alternative investments including liquid Alternatives, real estate, private equity, infrastructure and debt.

Furthermore we offer platform solutions for securitisations for a variety of underlying alternative investment for institutional investors via the Luxembourg-registered company LRI Invest Securitisation S.A. With LRI Depositary S.A. we provide depositary services and can act as Register and Transfer Agent for alternative investment funds.

Connecting Managers and Investors worldwide

LRI Invest S.A. is a licensed Super ManCo (UCITS and AIFM). Also being a fund administrator, we offer custom-tailored services for traditional and alternative investments. That includes, above all, modelling, setting up and administration of investment funds for asset managers, private equity firms and institutional investors like banks, family offices, insurance companies, and pension funds.

In addition, we provide our clients with tailored structuring solutions and global access to investors and distribution partners. Via our investment platforms, we offer institutional investors a range of innovative investment strategies from highly specialised investment boutiques worldwide.

Turning Assets into Tradable Securities

Luxembourg legislation on securitisation combines flexibility with a pragmatic approach, offering institutional investors an exceptional degree of freedom to shape their investment processes. LRI Invest Securitisation S.A. is an independent securitisation company offering individual investment solutions for institutional investors. LRI's experts enable investors to acquire assets indirectly - through securitisation.

Professional support from LRI's team of securitisation experts helps you

  • acquire certain types of assets more easily
  • transfer of assets to a different legal entity or investment class
  • meet equity requirements
  • utilise possible tax benefits
  • limit liability risks and possibly minimise the risk of insolvency
  • gain access to securities ratings for securitised assets
  • structure portfolios or portfolio components individually to meet both typical and unusual risk requirements

Depositary Services for your Alternative Investments

LRI Depositary S.A. is one of the first specialised AIF depositaries in Luxembourg. As a PSF (professional service provider to the financial service industry) licensed under Luxembourg law, LRI Depositary S.A. does not require a full banking licence. It is fully regulated by the Luxembourg supervisory authority CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier).

LRI Depositary S.A. is fully independent. Through its depositary services for certain alternative assets (e.g. private equity, real estate, renewable energy, infrastructure and debt), it offers investors first-class conditions to reduce depositary costs and make workflows within their alternative investment funds more efficient. LRI Invest S.A. and LRI Depositary S.A. work together closely so they can offer a full range of administrative services for alternative investment funds conveniently from a single provider ("one-stop shop" strategy).

As a specialist depositary for certain alternative investments, LRI Depositary S.A. plays a key role in optimising business processes:

  • Cash monitoring, including cash flows
  • Administration of assets held in custody, including verifying the acquisition of title and performing due diligence checks.
  • Monitoring fund unit transactions, calculating the value of units and settlement of transactions
  • Domiciliation and corporate services, e.g. for holding companies

Further information on LRI Invest S.A.:

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